What is YoPlanning?

More than 3 000 sport professionals and businesses around the world use YoSchool, the most acclaimed and specialized online sport business software.

YoPlanning is just one superb part of YoSchool dedicated to help sport professionals to easily manage their sport planning and to share it to partners, colleagues and organizations. And it's free. Forever.

YoPlanning and YoSchool are designed by Vakario, which has been around since 2006. We first started to develop a planning software for our own needs, as ski instructors in the Frenchs Alps. Now we have a whole ecosystem of tools dedicated to the management and the sales (included online ones) of all kind of sporting activities all over the world : ski, paragliding, mountain bike, rafting, surf, sail, crossfit... We love seeing businesses start small, organize themselves with more efficient process each day, and build up a strong momentum, so that's how we run Vakario. We create products and features that empower our customers to grow.

Want more than just a brilliant planner ?

Billing, accounting, Customer Relationship Management, Human Resources Management... Have a look to the most acclaimed and specialized online sport business software : YoSchool.

And if you are looking to launch or to develop your online sales, partner sales or multichannel sales, come discover our dedicated solutions for your sport business !